This project will aim to implement a user-friendly interface which can be used to enter a message which will then be texted out to a list of phone numbers. Specifically, the goal will be to deploy this as a webpage, to be used to alert employees of things like shift time changes or important information.


SHVL is a sort of two-layer title. SHV is the shortcode for Shreveport, the location of my workplace. However, it is also a nod to a former manager who had a knack for relentlessly sending out texts and phone calls, even if it was after midnight, or an hour before a shift. Although it was annoying at times, I found that it was a good way to remind someone like me, who is just a taaaddd bit ADHD, to set my alarms and whatnot. A large goal of this project will be to hopefully setup a cron job which will automatically send out the next day's start time, the evening before.






The aim of this project is to ideally deploy this from a secure or insecure environment (ie, either from a workplace intranet or from home) and, given a database of phone numbers, simply proceed to send out a mass message to this list.

I believe there would be a few advantages:

However, there are some issues:


The script is fairly simple, relying on textbelt to provide a no-frills API to push messages to a cellphone.

curl -X POST https://textbelt.com/text \
      --data-urlencode phone=$SHVL_PH \
      --data-urlencode message="$SHVL_MSG" \
       -d key=$SHVL_TOKEN 

Variables are set with flags. -p defines the phone number, and -m defines the message.

# set phone and msg manually
while getopts p:m: option 
 case "${option}" 
 p) SHVL_PH=${OPTARG};; 

However, this is purely for demo purposes - to test the API and verify the underlying SMS functionality. Implementing this for web usability will involve porting this into either javascript or PHP, due to their avaliability across just about every desktop and mobile browser used by a majority of individuals.