hello there, my name is andrew snow and this is my website. in fact, it has been for a very long time!1 although the articles section is now nice and full of content - some of it good, even! - this space has mainly existed through the years as a place for me to tinker around with things. it's incredible how much fun you can have with a little server space and a domain to point at places! :)

i studied history in college, but wound up in middle management at a well-known logistics company for about a decade. i was pretty burned out going into the pandemic, and it took about six months of that before i just really had to get out. so i did. and in a weird twist, somehow got an interview at one of the first medical marijuana cultivation facilities in louisiana. so now i extract concentrates from cannabis all day, and tinker around with computers when i'm bored.

hazardous is powered by a digitalocean virtual server, ubuntu, nginx, php and Mecha. shoutouts to mecha, it's an interesting little headless cms that i think works better than Hugo for a website of this size and scope.

my workflow is simple: WSL/ubuntu, windows terminal, ssh, neovim, tmux. not only are these tools all incredible, but they play very nicely with VSCode.

typography provided by Public Sans, where available.

  1. except for a brief five or so years where it was held hostage by domain parkers. but we won't talk about that.