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the quick facts

Welcome to haZardous, a website. My name is andrew snow, though i've been known to go by the handle subspacer from time to time. I have always had an interest in technology, if not the means to pursue it professionally. I am very curious by nature, and this has led down all sorts of rabbit-holes, ranging from hardware- to software-level - the website you are looking at runs from a virtual server provided by digitalocean and running Ubuntu - everything else was setup personally by yours truly,from the webserver to the static-site generator and even the SSL certificate securing it all. Along the way I used bits and pieces of the languages I have become familiar with such as html&css, bash scripting, sql, php and javascript. The most important tool I used, however, was the collective wisdom and creativity of the internet at large, in particular countless users on GitHub who logged their experiences for those who would tread the same path in the future.




Typography provided by Inter, a fantastic font with a focus on web readability. I wanted something beyond the default font choices on major operating systems, but I also wanted to avoid relying on the Google Fonts service as well.

In tuning the font to be legible and crisp, I've learned quite a bit about the rendering side of modern browsers, and how to use CSS selectors to tweak the font's presentation to my liking. I'm still very much a learner in this area, so if you see something I could improve upon, please let me know!


The heart of zardo.us is Mecha CMS, an incredibly nifty little backend for the hobbyist dev. It's deceptively flexible and endlessly tweakable - but it's a fairly small project, which means the documentation is very minimal. I really like that - it means to work on this website, I have to learn more about a variety of languages and running a webserver.