for some reason, i cannot just make a blog post that's like, one sentence or a paragraph. so what happens is, i get some sort of thought out and tell myself it's the introduction of some longer piece. i then save it as a draft, and promptly never look at it again.


i got bored and started tinkering with my tmux configuration by adding more emojis in the statusbar. it's really cool to see how far support for all kinds of font-related things has come in the terminal.

i've always taken extensive advantage of the nerd font repo - it contains alot of tools that allow you to "fix" a variety of issues with font support in the terminal. in particular, it's great for adding any and all the unicode characters to any font you like, which allows you to properly render alot of newer terminal GUI's that render best with powerline glyphs, etc.

but now i have to redo alot of my fonts, because alot of them contain unicode emojis which render worse than the default or fallback emojis that many modern terminals now render. bababooey!

keeb news

i am currently rocking an ikbc cd87 tkl with some MT3 profile keys, in a "cyberpunk" theme.