fall 2022


that's right, the "Fall 2022" post is coming in december because here at hazardous, we're all about being on time.

decided to try a new writing/blogging style. well, it's the same one i've been trying, to try. which is, just post. maybe stop trying to write academic-style longform posts that never wind down and only spiral into more tangents. y'all wouldn't believe my drafts folder.

if i do commit, one of the first things i will have to do is consider a website refresh. i could always use a nice new hr break. maybe something way more subtle. it would definitely shave a bit of cruft off my overall footprint - if you scroll down on a longer post, you'll notice the hr breaks have some flair!

it has been awhile since i tackled my CSS file, and while i did burn some midnight oil some years back to clean it up... i only made it relatively cleaner, not clean.

but more importantly, a new handful of incredibly useful CSS selecters have finally gained support from all the mainstream browsers. with these new options, devs will be able to toss out all the @media sheets and take advantage of clamp:

font-size: 12px; //fallbacks
font-size: clamp(8px, 12px, 20px); // min, default, max

boom! that easy. now, your browser knows to set the font to 12px. but more importantly, if you view the same page on a smaller or larger monitor or screen... the browser will smoothly scale fonts up and down proportionally, to ensure highly fluid typography.