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jrmux: bougiefied oh-my-tmux



while tabbed terminals and other client-side session solutions seem to be gaining steam, nothing beats a program like tmux as a reliable way to maintain an extended session jacked in to a server somewhere.

I hadn't been using tmux for every long before discovering @gpakosz's awesome oh-my-tmux! dotfiles, which transform what is initially a somewhat intimidating program into a far more welcoming tool. On top of extensive tweaking to make its usage far easier, it also makes it incredibly gorgeous as well.

As much as it does, however, the default configuration is fairly conservative, which means when setting up a new environment I inevitably have to go and re-tweak and re-edit the same configs, every single time. Naturally I got tired of this, and so I forked a copy of this .tmux directory and sat out setting it up the way I like it.

major changes

  • mouse support enabled by default
  • terminal is set to call for tmux-256colors, which has become far more standard to see on the typical linux desktop. the main advantage over using screen-256colors is support for italicized fonts.
  • powerline enabled by default: once again it's 2020 and most people who are at a point where they would be reading this, most likely have a font supporting extensive glyph collections. Besides powerline, I also sprinkled in some italics formatting on the statusbar for some extra pizazz.
  • it's hard to beat the bright, fun colors that come with oh-my-tmux - but over the years i have slowly been collecting my own favorite colors to use and style with, generally the colors are softer, mellow interpretations of the standard terminal colors. it makes the aesthetic slightly less flashy, but hopefully retains the playfullness.
  • plugins! I have added tmux-resurrection and tmux-continuum as submodules, which are called in .tmux.conf.local.
  • i have included an install script as well, to automate the entire process!


You can find my tmux dotfiles at my .tmux repository. To install:

git clone https://github.com/jeromescuggs/.tmux $HOME
cd $HOME/.tmux && ./install.sh 

Note: during the install, the script looks for .tmux.conf and .tmux.conf.local in the installation location. If found, it makes backup copies and stores them in your local copy of this repository.