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i am quite fond of music as anyone with two ears and a brain is likely to be, but moreso than most i have always been passionate about finding great music, sharing great music, and etc. not sure what the plan is but i am sure there is a plan. nothing too fancy, i will probably aim to post random finds or whatever i might be jamming on from week to week.

hazardous radio (beta)

through several daring feats of internet, i have managed to get my home music server piped through zardo and to your ears.

obviously there's a billion caveats here, with uptime at the top: i have a pretty hefty broadband connection, and digitalocean has a great connection as well, but the musicdrive itself can only read so fast, and at any given time it might be working with 5-6 active connections locally and externally.

radio currently offline
Les Savy Fav's Root for Ruin
with loud'n'fast music as mood dictates.

the stream is in mp3 format running at 192k, we'll see how it goes and adjust accordingly. i suspect the big issue here will be data bandwidth, and i might have to change the host pipeline accordingly.