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rock n roll,

i should probably get on top of figuring out how to pipe spotify into this internet page. but for now,

lil baby - bigger picture

i don't think this warrants any explanation whatsoever - it's just an incredibly timely and intelligent track.

well this is lame! looks like the video has trouble loading - i assume it might be locked from being embedded. you can head over here to view it if you have issues.

deafheaven - "worthless animal"

sunbather was a killer album. one of those records that suddenly appears in the mainstream and reminds everyone that metal is still very much alive and well. honestly it's hard for me to think of this as being metal, as far as the sound goes it's very much a post-hardcore sound - but then you have the melody sandwiched between two undeniable telltale qualities - the breakneck tempo of the drums, and the throaty grown of metal vocals. there's a moment in this track where the vocals are soaring over what could easy be a riff from an early my chemical romance track - it's wild how familiar, but new, deafheaven sounds to anyone who appreciates punk and hardcore.

mutoid man - kiss of death

welp i started this post out with an entirely different tracklist in mind, but i got real distracted by that deafheaven song, i started listening to some baroness, and then boris, and anyways we're here now.

also, boris released a new album - NO - and is it good? YES.

chastity belt - "different now"

anyways, back on track. i dunno. something i have always like to have in music is something like a dynamic tension - unpredictability, maybe? with playlists that can veer from quiet to loud, fast to slow, et cetera.

i don't know much about this band, but i really like this song. chill and whatnot.

built to spill - goin' against your mind

i grew up listening to modest mouse, i never got into them as much as alot of people did but you couldn't avoid having a few tracks on a mixtape because they're just undeniably unique and their discography is stuffed full of killer tracks. anytime music was a topic of discussion there was a good chance at some point we'd get to talking about modest mouse - but more specifically, talking about how amazingly unique their sound was.

by the time i heard built to spill i believe they had already broken up or gone on hiatus or something, but they immediately blew my mind because it was the first time i'd heard music that reminded me of that modest mouse sound. it was almost like the missing link between momo and their peers - alot of stylistic similarities, but built to spill's overall sound was still very traditional rock'n'roll, guitar+bass+drums occasionally sprinkled with keys. beyond similar vocal style, built to spill's lyrics are always real clever and leave you thinking. and at times even their sound manages to go to the same expansive, wistful place often visited by modest mouse.