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july, july

but unfortunately for you, no decembrists!

and unfortunately for me, not too much new music, per se. that has been kind of nice though, it's forcing me to sort of go back and dig up some great music i let fall by the wayside, not for lack of it being great or anything.

sierra ferrell - 'in dreams'

shit's good, real good. the melody is something you can whistle all day. the first time i heard this song it caught me off guard, sierra has a hell of a great voice. this song feels like it's from another time, another place. when i try to think about it, my brain will play it back with a little extra crackle'n'pop. it just gives off a sound that existed when records were pressed on vinyl.

nick shoulders - 'snakes & waterfalls'

hot damn that's a yodel-y yodel. no joke, the first time i listened to this i thought someone might have been playing some sort of stringed instrument, until that instrument gave way to human vocals.

sad cops - 'numb hand'

i'll probably try to elaborate on this at some point, but there was a long period in my life where i thought rock'n'roll was dead, or at least the sort of punk, emo, hardcore stuff i spent my early years jamming to. not only was i mistaken, but i would even say i've heard albums in the past five years that might be as good, if not better, than anything that was coming out in what i considered the heyday. i guess you could call this pop-punk but i never liked that label, and digging further into their discography reveals that Sad Cops isn't particularly interested in maintaining a very tight sound in one style or another.