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dan deacon - usa

oldie but goodie like most old and good things. dan deacon is a musician who makes music and if you're not familiar with him, fix that!!

lana del ray - some things last a long time

so i went into this one searching youtube for built to spill's cover of the amazing daniel johnston song, "some things last a long time". i didn't find the song i was looking for. however, this did pop up in the results - intrigued so i put it on. turns out i think i might like it better than built to spill's take. it's a far more nuanced homage to the original, with the same weird sad exciting vibe.

stop the fucking presses. i happened to hear this and it rocked my world. i'm sad to admit that hearing this song made me realize i'd all but relegated bob dylan to the past tense. sure he is still putting out records and they're good... but surely few would disagree with the opinion that he'd never be able to rival his late-60's-to-early-70's album lineup.

it's epic and haunting and dense with prose. it might be my new favorite song he's ever done. maybe that excitement will pass, but it's guaranteed that this song will become one of the most well-known bob dylan songs in the years to come.