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aug 2021

twenty twenty one, august style

tunes and stuff. excited to be making this post cuz one of my first projects for hazardous was creating this audio section, which required me to dive into the dark art of embedding youtube content in 2021 - which is a different beast compared to the free-love, hippie days of Old Internet. since then cross-site scripting has been identified as a major attack vector, and so by default browsers tend to block and reject embedded content unless you explicitly whitelist the content in your page's header.

this is not the only lesson learned - another feature i now use across the website is a little bit of PHP magic i wrote for my site layout's footer page. the script simply runs the page's url through regex and loads javascript only if it detects that it will be needed for that url.

the specific use case i wrote this for originally was my audio section - every post here relies on a very expensive javascript library that allows me to easily embed youtube content in a responsive wrapper utilizing css and javascript instead of iframes. since one of the main goals of hazardous is to explore not only efficieny but simplicity, i did not want to be forced to 'fork' my generic footer template. this meant i would have to include a single piece of code that could run on any page - but only do specific tasks if it detected it was being loaded on a specific page.

the next hazardous project will likely be spinning this off into a rugged piece of PHP you can tweak for any use case. stand by for that, and for now, enjoy some tunes!

travis scott - SICKO MODE

when this first got stuck in my head, it wasn't willingly. but man it's spent alot of time bouncing around my cranium and it's really grown on me. it's got this weird bohemian rhapsody quality to it, if that makes sense. i dunno.

vince staples - "are you with that?"

since staples has beats if he doesnt have anything else. but he does have alot more than just beats, like awesome lyrics.

but man the beats are really awesome.

mannequin pussy - "drunk II"

this rocks, rock n roll will never die, i hate cliche "ally" sentiments or whatever but some of the best music i've been hearing is coming from bands like mannequin pussy, slothrust, basically chick bands, or whatever!

turnstile - turnstile love connection EP

diarrhea planet broke up amicably a few years back and i couldn't really tell you much about turnstile before this dropped, but what i know is that this EP is filling a void that d.planet left empty in my heart. there's a very fine line where really aggressive and fast music meets very optimistic and outgoing music, only a few bands nail it in a way i like i guess - les savy fav, dananananaykroyd, diarrhea planet and stuff like that. but another similar record might be fucked up circa "dose your dreams" era. it's a better comparison maybe because fucked up is another band that emerged from the somewhat stuffy and formulaic hardcore scene which had really broken molds with every successive album release.

anyways this is a video for their entire ~11 minute EP, so it's not quite just a single song. but whatever. not like i'm following any rules here :)

sturgill simpson - make art not friends

so i really wanted to stick the opening track to this record - sound and fury's "ronin", and then i wanted to maybe use "the best clockmaker on mars". but i settled on this track because i think it truly captures how far in the opposite direction ol' sturg has rocketed. sturgill simpson is best known as anything from the best country musician alive today, to the best outlaw country musician alive today. sound and fury is his consideration for best rock'n'roll musician alive today. it really whoops ass in a real hot and heavy way. i dunno. listen to it.

i can't emphasize enough how much this record evokes more comparisons to the best pink floyd records, than waylon jennings or willie nelson.

gil scott-heron - "whitey on the moon"

space travel is in the news again and this classic song has become more relevant than ever! oddly enough, i stumbled across this a week before the Blue Origin launch when i heard it playing during an episode of Lovecraft Country1, which is a great show if ya haven't seen it.