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music roundup for august

nuns of a gust

woops! was busy a bit and didnt really find much time to sit down and do a proper augustposting. i guess the spotify thing counts but it turns out when you don't have a spotify account / aren't logged in, it kinda sucks ass to try and use. so i'll try and find another option to present a nice playlist to replace this scheme of simply collecting a bunch of youtube videos - maybe.


red fang - 'prehistoric dog'

ohhhh yeah! i'm a bit annoyed i forgot about this when writing the previous installments - because it's one of the greatest videos of all time. the song itself is also a fucking amazing track, which makes this a rarity in that both the music and the video are both incredibly good.

chugga chugga.

iron chic - 'a serious house on serious earth'

idk how to describe this? like... maybe if bear vs shark tried to channel the hold steady? damnit i had something better for this. regardless, this is such an amazing song and it gets better and better upon repeated listening. from the moment the track starts, it just oozes a sort of playful intensity, and it continues to build as you hear the introductory feedback from the string instruments which then kick into gear alongside the throaty vocals - and man, those lyrics...

PUP - 'kids'

so, i don't even know where to begin with this one. i mentioned the hold steady when talking about that Iron Chic song... but i think it might be even more apt to mention the unforgettable wit of Craig Finn when talkin' about this track. what sets this apart and perhaps above Hold Steady's sound is a far more aggressive overall tone - which channels the Dismemberment Plan, another band known for the intellectually-satisfying and somewhat depressing writing of its frontman, Travis Morrison. PUP combines the fast-and-loud edge of punk/rock/whatever with a spitfire delivery of some truly gut-punching lyrics. (is it obvious yet that i am a very sad man?)